Laughter: The Universal Language – #123

A little note – this is the 4th anniversary of my blog! Here’s a laughter post especially in honour of my province’s holiday today, “Fête nationale” or, as it used to be called (and still is, by many sentimental types) St-Jean-Baptiste day.   (St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of Quebec, and June 24th is his “feast day” in the Roman Catholic Church.)

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Great gifts just a click away…

“Finally the bus comes. I get on first. I thread my way down the aisle and sit down beside another woman, feeling safer in company. I carefully focus my gaze out the window, away from the riders. I fear that any eye contact with him could be mistaken for an implicit ‘contract’ that something more is going to happen.”

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Signs of Summer

Wacky signs my daughter saw in Paris etc.!

Kathryn Presner

I’ve fallen way behind in posting. Instead of continuing to stare at all the great ideas I have for epic posts and not actually writing any of them, I’ll try to break the bloggers’ block by posting some amusing signs I’ve come across in my last couple of months of travels. They might be amusing only to me, so no guarantees… Photos taken in Montréal, Toronto, and Paris, France.

Défense d'afficher (do not post) Do not post. File under: “Irony”

Ice Cold Ramen File under: “Who thought this was a good idea?”

Est-ce que les sacs pour les fruits et légumes vous conviennent? How are the fruit and vegetable bags? File under: “Low-tech, in situ survey technology”

no stapler here File under: “If staplers are such a common request, why don’t they just keep one there?”

Petit bar à chiens Little dog bar. File under: “Just plain cute.”

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