Book Publishing, Like Life, is Often A Matter of Luck

This is an excellent post on publishing by my fellow blogger, author Larry Kahaner. Have a look.

Larry Kahaner

Book Publishing, Like Life, is Often A Matter of Luck

By Larry Kahaner

All of us want to believe that if we work hard, are honest in our dealings, are smart and have some talent, that we can succeed in anything we do whether it’s in business, sports, or publishing a novel.luck 3

I hate to tell you that if you believe this, you’re fooling yourself. Although many super successful people downplay luck as the reason for their success – hard work and high IQs are often cited – if they’re being honest, they know that luck played a large, sometimes gigantic reason for getting where they are.

The most recent forthright person to note this is billionaire Eric Schmidt who noted in a recent interview, “I would say I’m defined by luck, and I think almost anyone who’s successful has to start by saying they were lucky…  Lucky of…

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An Open Letter To My Dog

My blogger pal Christine’s funny & poignant ode to her new dog, Ace. SO sweet.

I'm Sick and So Are You

Dear Ace,

Ever since I was a young child and I saw your breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, bounding around with Her Majesty The Queen, I knew I had to have one. Those stumpy legs. Ears of a fox. Goofy, yet royal grin. I never imagined one day I’d be lucky enough to have you. But the heart wants what it wants and I was determined to make it happen.

We waited until we had a nice big yard for you and we saved our pennies. So, so many pennies. We researched breeders for weeks and found the perfect one. She met our family. We visited her farm. We carefully discussed the temperaments of male vs. female corgis, our needs, the dog’s needs, the importance of understanding diet and exercise for our new pup. We even talked about coat color and snout length. We waited those months for you to be…

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