Surviving Hollywood North: Crew Confessions from an Insider (Published June 2017)

Surviving-mini-size-coverBack in the 1990s, I worked on a TV series with Tony Scott, laboured on a script with Patrick McGoohan, chatted with Margot Kidder and John Ritter, and was surprised at how short David Bowie was in “reel” life. My irreverent memoir, Surviving Hollywood North: Crew Confessions from an Insider, reveals the ups and downs I experienced as a script coordinator in the flourishing film business in Montreal.

From insecure screenwriters to harried producers to eccentric directors and actors, I met and worked with all sorts of film-industry folks on a wide variety of productions, which taught me how to wrangle quirky film types as well as tricky computer programs. Somehow, I survived it all.

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First Kiss and other True Fiction
(Published October 2017)

First Kiss and other True Fiction cover

This eBook story collection touches on themes I’m sure we can all identify with: early childhood fears, disappointments and growth; adolescent angst and discovery; and adult anxieties and small triumphs.

The pieces are a mix of fiction and non-fiction. I’ll leave it to the reader to try to discern which is which – not that it really matters, in the grand scheme of things, right? What happened, happened – or perhaps I only imagined it did.

Most of the stories have appeared in my blog, a couple have not.

One was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Another won an online short-story contest with over 200 entrants. Many have been published before in a variety of publications.

A great stocking-stuffer! Now in paperback and eBook formats.

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