6 Million Did Not Die…

It was more like billions.

Water drops (tears?) on leaf, on ground.
Photo (cc) by Nick Kenrick

Because: all the children who were murdered
Never grew up to become men and women…

And of all the men and women
who were murdered
No unions were formed
And because no unions were formed
No offspring were born
and thus none of theirs were born
or will ever be born…

And so many millions of scientists were not born
Who could have wiped out diseases
Saving a billion lives

And millions of doctors were not born
Who could have treated and cured the sick,
Saving another billion lives

And poets and composers were never born
So that billions of words of great stories and books
Were never written
And billions of notes of symphonies and songs
Were never played and sung

And many physicists were never born
Who could have solved the mysteries of the Universe
Like why are we here
And why does hate instead of love
Fill so many hearts


7 thoughts on “6 Million Did Not Die…

  1. Reblogged this on Crossed Eyes and Dotted Tees and commented:

    I wrote this two months ago. However, in order to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day (known in Hebrew as Yom HaShoah) which begins this evening and lasts until tomorrow night, I am reposting it. I think there can never be ‘too much’ remembering. Especially these days.


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