Goodbye my love: Notes to an absent automobile

How did I love thee? Let me count the ways.

My beloved Tercel. Gone… left me for another.
  1. You came into my life in 2000, right when I needed you most.
  2. You never asked for much. Just tire and oil changes, occasional brake jobs – and washes. Oh, and regular lube jobs. Heh.
  3. Your ‘footprint’ was very small – both in the garage space, and outdoors: I went easy on you and didn’t demand too much mileage.
  4. You were a perfect fit for me. Not too big, not too small.
  5. You were an all-weather friend. Winter never fazed you, and you loved the heat!

But alas! All good things must come to an end… and now you’re in the arms, er, garage, of another. I have said my goodbyes, and though it pains my heart, I know she will love you as much as I did. For you were, and are, always THE BEST. Bon voyage!   ❤ ❤ ❤

7 thoughts on “Goodbye my love: Notes to an absent automobile

  1. I can empathize!!! I had a used Tercel station wagon that my brother gave me in 1999. His name was Turry, and he talked to both my grandson and me. He even wrote a goodbye note to my brother! He was a stick shift, and I loved him. I had to let him go when my knees were bad, and it was so painful to shift. I would be able to drive him now. *sigh*

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